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Offerings: Thank you for Registering


  Thank you for your PayPal Love Offering or payment to our Goddess Studio Event!

We appreciate your Love Offering or advance registration!

Your PayPal transaction has been completed, and a receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you via PayPal. (You may log into your PayPal account to view details of this transaction.)


REGARDING LOVE OFFERINGS: please note that the Goddess Studio is not a 501c3 and any love offerings are not tax deductible.

Regarding Event Communication:
To help me communicate with you about this event… Please note these tips..

1. Please make sure I have your preferred EMAIL ADDRESS:

About a week before the event, please remember to keep checking your email in box that you used for your PayPal registration! I will be sending you more details including the Goddess Studio address, and driving directions to the studio, as well as last minute details about what to expect for the event!


If your PayPal email is not your preferred email that you want me to use to communicate with you, then please send me your preferred email address! (I need an EMAIL address, not a Facebook link)


2. REGARDING your Name and Phone...

I would also appreciate if you would make sure I have your full name, and having a phone number for you too is very helpful. Your info will be kept strictly confidential.


3. Make sure MY email is in your address book too!

I send out an email to everyone at once, so it could get flagged as bulk mail or spam, but if my address is in your address book that can help prevent spam flagging. FYI, if you don’t hear from me, check your spam folders and/or contact me!

Thanks so Much!!

(Once you leave this page, you can find it again under the main Tab:

"OFFERINGS" > "PayPal & Venmo," then find the "Thank You..." link at the bottom of the page.)

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Til we merry meet,



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