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About: The Goddess Studio


Let me introduce you to the Goddess Studio! Play video for a 3min tour!

(Video Production by Daniel Franks Photography, 2020)

The Goddess Studio is a beautiful, private and sacred space filled with art, icons, and the ideals of the Divine Feminine. 


The Goddess Studio is an actual place on private property in rural Escondido, near San Diego, California, founded by Amalya and her husband in 2003. It is a beautifully appointed, 680 sq ft, sacred space that serves as a temple for ceremony, a dance studio for belly dance classes, a photography studio for Amalya’s Glorious Goddess Portraits, a sanctuary for women to be their selves in, and a place for workshops, Priestess Training classes, art making, concerts, "Red Tents", dance shows, and other delightful gatherings!

Beautifully faux finished and decorated with original art, and tucked in amongst an avocado grove with vistas overlooking the San Pasqual valley, the Goddess Studio is truly a sacred space for ceremony, dance and celebration.


Also adding to the beauty of the environment is a meditation nook, a swimming pool, fountains, inviting gardens, a 33 ft/7-circuit labyrinth, and a rock circle/Heiau/Medicine Wheel! Although the Goddess Studio is a private space, it was designed to be shared with people who are seeking a deeper connection with the Sacred Feminine.


Demographically speaking we are women of the San Diego area in our mid twenties to mid seventies, from a wide variety of heritages and backgrounds. Most gatherings are for adult women, but we do welcome maidens and men too at some gatherings. As a spiritual community, we come from many religious backgrounds and most of us find that the studio experiences expand or enhance our spiritual paths. We are an open community, this is not a religious organization or a non-profit and there is no membership structure or dues.


Since the first workshop for Brigit's Day Feb 2, 2003, the Goddess Studio has offered hundreds of events! During the first decade the highlights included the offering of twenty-two of our full day, original signature event— “Awaken Your Inner Goddess Retreats”— for the Sabbats such as Spring Equinox, Beltane, Lammas and Samhain! I am honored to have co-produced these incredible retreats over this first decade with Sparkle (Laurie Wood), Linda Savage, Fox (Natalie Maisel), Jennifer Neal and Ruth Dorn!

Additionally, during the first ten years here, it has been an honor to have hosted many years of monthly women’s Sisters of the Moon circles with Barbara Bradley; drum circles with Lisa Bonneau; & MeetUp Clan gatherings with Victoria Skydancer; Attunement circles with the Emissaries of Glen Ivy; and special events hosting international leaders of Goddess Spirituality such as Kathy Jones, Priestess of Avalon (Glastonbury); Layne Redmond and Miranda Rondeau, Priestesses of the Drum; Vajra Ma, Priestess of Women's Mysteries; Amrita Hobbs and Anique Radiant Heart from Australia; Arishma, healer & channel from Arizona; Mary Samantha, Priestess of the Wheel of Place; and Dr. Isadora Leidenfrost, filmmaker and advocate of the Red Tent movement. The Studio has also been honored to have hosted wonderful authors and teachers: Elizabeth Cunningham, Gina Ogden, Catherine Ann Clemett, and Caroline Muir.

We’ve also hosted other unique gatherings featuring local renowned woman including: Karen Tate, Goddess Author & Advocate; Kamala Devi, Trantric Leader; Naomi Judith, yoga & self esteem advocate; Fay McGrew, QiGong teacher; Diane Mandle, Sound Healer of Tibetan Bowls; Mellissa Seaman, Priestess teacher; Wilbert Alix, Trance Dance leader; and Linda & Larry Cammarata concerts & workshops; singers Ahria and Mary Jones;  artist Deborah Wiley;  sacred Gong sound artist, Barbara Cole; and Red Tent priestess, Aurora.

Plus we’ve had master Belly dance workshops with Dondi and Titanya Dahlin, Marguerite, and Cassie Mavis, and many years of dance classes and showcase performances co-produced with Estrella and Elena!

Since 2013, the magick has been non-stop filling almost another decade with "herstory" making gatherings including the addition of year long Priestess Training courses and full Wheel of the Year Sabbat celebrations; Meditation & Magic circles and yoga with Diana Pins; and art playshops with Vasi Huntalas.  Plus many special events have been offered here by incredible women such as author & scholar Max Dashu, Danielle Gibbons (channel for Mother Mary), Jannine Oberg (astrologer & Cacao ceremony facilitator), astrologer Simone Butler, Rev. Judith Laxer, Josette Diaz & Cindy Sharp, and author Sandra Rogers.

(Visit my "links" page for links to the websites of many of these presenters! Coming soon)

On top of all these events, woven within the wheel, it has been my privilege to host beautiful private ceremonies for weddings/handfastings, baby blessings, croning ceremonies and even a memorial service.


Of course the pandemic brought activities to grinding halt over 2020-2021, but the magick was kept alive by dedicated priestesses (thank you--Pannthera, Vee, Freya, Lea, Mandella and Sablewolf) who managed to produce our first Zoom Virtual Beltane ritual and continued to meet to optimistically plan future events, so we were ready to offer several gatherings for 2021!


So, here at the Goddess Studio of Escondido it can truly be chanted that...

The Goddess is Alive and Magick is afoot!  


Come join us! We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

The Studio is also sometimes available for rent for private ceremonies and day workshops (no overnight accommodations). Please contact Amalya to inquire about possibilities.

What is Sacred Space?

Sacred Space is an environment that feels safe, nurturing, healthy and holy. It is any awe-inspiring time and place that encourages us to suspend our mundane thinking and reflect on the spiritual, divine and magical mysteries of life.

To VIEW the mosaic of pics below, click arrows to advance mosaic. Or click on a pic to enlarge to full screen.  (To see photos from a specific event, please see our "Photo Gallery" section on this site.)

Would you like to explore your life purpose, find a like minded community and a safe environment for self-expression?  Join us at the Goddess Studio where the Magick happens!  Meet Amalya, owner and Presiding Priestess whose life work has been embracing the Sacred Feminine inherent in ALL women.

Commune with the Great Mother Goddess through art, dance, rituals and celebrations following the Wheel of the Year. And if you want a really deep dive, consider signing up for the Priestess Program offered exclusively by Amalya and presenters and priestesses of the Goddess Studio. 

Join us and be empowered to continue your own life path and serve your community in a sacred and meaningful way.

Rev. Priestess Pannthera
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