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About: Amalya


Merry Meet my Sisters and friends!

My name is Amalya—as I’m known in my sacred circles & dance classes—or you may hear me referred to as “Reverend Priestess Amalya” when I am called to do Goddess ministry work.

Or I also happily respond to Amy Peck if you’re more comfortable with my given “Muggle” name!  Additionally, here and there you may find the letters M.A. attached to that muggle name when I’m showing up in my role of professional artist or graphic designer!


I’m the founder/creatrix of The Goddess Studio of Escondido, which I envisioned and opened in 2003 on a portion of my home property in Escondido, CA.  The studio came into being a few years after achieving that “M.A” I mentioned above (which was a Masters of Art & Consciousness) that heralded my awakening to the Sacred Feminine and planted the desire to create a sacred space for women to be spiritually affirmed.


I have been belly dancing and Priestessing since the mid nineties and I love to share ritual, art and dance as a path for personal empowerment and spiritual devotion honoring the Sacred Feminine. I am also an accomplished artist, painter, graphic designer and photographer and in particular I love creating original photo-digital Goddess art and commissioned Glorious Goddess Portraits of women. (See other pages on this site for more!)


In short, my life’s mission is to empower women to love and accept themselves, embrace the Sacred Feminine and live in balance.  And I fulfill that purpose by teaching, facilitating and hosting events events, rituals and classes here at the Goddess Studio and beyond!


If you care to learn more about me and my work and my journey, read the following pages…

Amalya’s Professional Bio & Interviews

Amy’s Spiritual Journey


And I look forward to meeting you here or there in the realm of the Goddess soon!

Blessed be,


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