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Gallery: 2021 Spring Rebirth Photo Album

Celebrating Spring Rebirth after a year of Covid isolation

Presented by Priestesses:  Freya, Sablewolf, Lea, Pannthera,
Mandella and Amalya

At our first event after isolating for a year, we processed our challenges with dealing with the pandemic and looked for the gifts the year gave us.  Our theme was the symbol of the Fire poppy.

After a devastating fire there are a few special plants, like Fire Poppies for instance, that can suddenly take bloom bringing a resurgence of new growth. These plants are called “Fire Followers” for they need the heat, smoke or ashes to trigger them to sprout. Last year not only did we have actual firestorms across our state, we also experienced the literal burn out of the pandemic. So our specific theme for our gathering and Vision Boards this year was to share our “Fire Follower” moment, or our “Fire Poppy” story that blossomed  due to the hardships endured!

In a Vision Board format we expressed our stories and shared a ceremony of receiving a symbolic fire poppy flower to honor our journey.

Goddess Studio 2021 Spring Celebration Group

Pics from 2019 Samhain Celebration...

Photos by Amalya and Mandella
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