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Sabbats:  Wheel of the Year Celebrations

Wheel of the Year Sabbat Day Celebrations
with the Goddess Studio "Meetup Clan"

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Our primary activity at the Goddess Studio
is our Sacred Seasonal Celebrations in honor
of Mother Earth's annual cycles. 

These gatherings are half-day events presented by the Priestesses of the Goddess Studio to celebrate the turning of the Earth's seasons and our journey through the year.  Based on the astronomical path of the Earth around the Sun, there are 8 pivot points that mark the changing of the seasons. We call these 8 holy days "Sabbats", and refer to our planet's year long cycle as the "Wheel of the Year". (See image diagram below.)

Our celebrations incorporate ceremony, lore, meditation, dialogue/sharing, and sometimes dance, usually craft making and chanting, and always a lot of love! Our themes are always different, focusing on appreciating  the significance of the Sacred Feminine, Her seasonal lore and Her Goddess archetypes. We believe that appreciating these facets can add greater meaning and purpose to our lives now.

Our intention for these circles is to empower women, deepen our spirituality, and strengthen our community by sharing symbols and creative expressions of our journeys, witnessing each other and all around making merry!

These circles are logistically promoted primarily via the social networking platform of "Meetup Inc". This helps us track rsvps and announce updates.  We encourage you to join our Meetup Clan so you will be more easily kept in the loop. However, it is not necessary to join in order for you to come to any events here.  See more info at bottom of this page for notes about joining our Meetup Clan!

NOTE: Dates in image are usual astronomical dates, not necessarily the dates we celebrate. See our schedule listed ...
Wheel of the Year 5x5-180-10.jpg

2024 Schedule ...

  • Sun Mar 24, Ostara

  • SAT May 4, Beltane

  • Sun June 30, Litha

  • rest will be determined

Our NEXT SABBAT Celebration is...

2024  Litha /
Summer Solstice

Sun June 30

"Come Home to the Hive"
Encapsulate the Solstice Sun
with your Hive of Sisters &
Honey Bee Magic


dome shaped bee hive with honey bees, and sun_edited_edited.jpg

About Our Meetup Clan... 

The “Goddess Studio Meetup Clan” is an official group of the international web based networking assistance organization called “Meetup, Inc.”  As an official group, I have paid membership dues ($200 year) to “Meetup” in order to obtain permitted access to moderate a group.

Our Meetup Clan has been active since 2007 with a large membership and it is a completely private group.

How do I join the

Goddess Studio Meetup?


To join the Goddess Studio MeetUp group on-line, visit:

and click the “join us” button. It’s FREE!

You'll just need to submit your email and a password!

(Note: you don’t have to be a member of our online MeetUp group to come to a Goddess Studio MeetUp gathering or any other Goddess Studio event or activity.)

A few photo highlights of various celebrations...

To VIEW the mosaic of pics below, click arrows to advance mosaic. Or click on a pic to enlarge to full screen.  (To see photos from a specific event, please see our "Photo Gallery" section on this site.)

YULE Altar
LITHA  Crafts
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