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Amalyas Art: Three Goddess Scrolls

Three Guardian Goddess Scrolls of the Goddess Studio

Acrylic and faux jewels on Canvas Scrolls  (life Size 5'x9', 1996)

Warrior of Wisdom


Empress of Ecstasy


Mother of Many


In fulfillment of her Masters of Art & Consciousness degree at John F. Kennedy University in 1996, Amalya (known as Amy Peck) offered a month long exclusive one-woman show featuring the three large Goddess archetypes above, along with a collection of her abstract paintings, and presented her work in a series of events that included dance, poetry, and ritual in the ambiance of sacred space dedicated to the Sacred Feminine. 

This experience was the seed that grew to become the vision of the Goddess Studio today.    Blessed be!

Meet the Guardian Goddesses narrated in poetry by Amalya 

(Video Production by Daniel Franks Photography, 2020   4 Min)

Poems to Honor Her  ~  by Amy Peck  1996


Warrior of Wisdom

Warrior of Wisdom

Queen of Courage

Defender of Truth


Blazing the path of empowerment

illuminate the shadows of ignorance and delusion

slash through the lies and illusion.


Ascending the trail of enlightenment

The Flaming sword is in your hand--

The Knowledge of Life is at your command.


Ever vigilant with weapon honed

yet the only blood you shed

is your own.


Great Protectress

Priestess of Power

Fighter of Fear

Fire Walker



Warrior of Wisdom

      I salute you.


Empress of Ecstasy

Empress of Ecstasy
let your sacred flower
blossom in the bliss
of your lover.
Let your petals unfold
with morning dew
and sweet ambrosia
wash over you.
Lover, offer yourself
with assertive grace
gazing face to face
honor her beauty and joy.
Taste her nectar
see her soul
caress her spirit
feel her fire
smell her scent
enter her gates.

Duality dissolves.
In divine union
the Sun and Moon
      Fire and Water
      Heavens and Earth
      Death and Birth
      Darkness and Light
           together unite.
Your rivers merge
cascading cataracts
of cosmic creation
quenching your thirst for life.
Empress of Ecstasy
      I embrace You.

Mother of Many


Mother of Many
from your stainless womb
all life emerges
and into your dark tomb
all life returns.
Keeper of the cycles
bearer of all born
sower of seeds--
In your hands
the secrets are held.
By your breasts
all are fed.
From your brow
your wisdom sparkles
like jewels.
Creation began from you
not by the word
not by the rib
but by your labor of love.
Naked nourisher
ever fertile
sustain my soul.
Mother of Many
           I honor You.

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