Events: Belly Dance Classes

Current Class info with 
Amalya & Thea 
& Special Guest Instructors on occasion: Shiraz & Elena 

Photo by Mandy Sicard

(Classes are still on hold due to social distancing.)

Beginning/Intermediate levels  
at the Goddess Studio

Please RSVP to Amalya for address & Directions

2020  Schedule ...

Tues CLASSES  7-8:15 pm:

Classes are temporarily on hold until we can stop "social distancing"

About our Classes...

Our styles encompass mostly American Cabaret/Egyptian-Style Belly Dance, focusing on learning isolations and having fun!

~Learn basic isolation techniques,


~combinations and props such as veils, zills, swords to apply to any style of bellydance!

~No dance experience necessary, just a desire to learn! 

~Our intention is to have fun, celebrate our bodies through joyful, expressive movement and connect with each other!

~ Classes are on-going but subject to change

Please EMAIL Amalya to get ADDRESS & GATE CODE to the Goddess Studio & confirm schedule.

Attire: Wear comfortable dance or yoga clothing (i.e., tank top and yoga pants)

Optional to bring: socks, ballet slippers, soft jazz shoes or dance barefoot; a water bottle with cap and a sweat towel.

The Goddess Studio has hip scarves and veils for you to enjoy too!

Our intent is to have fun and enjoy dancing together! We have students that range anywhere between 10-60 years young! And the level ranges from very beginning dancers to intermediate/advanced.


Please RSVP to Amalya so she can send you directions to the Goddess Studio!

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Students & Class Pics
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Class with Thea 2019

Dance class with Nadirah Oct 2018

Dance class Jan 2015

Dance class Jan 2015

2014 Holiday Hafla

April dancing at the 2014 Holiday Hafla
Thea dancing at the 2014 Holiday Hafla

2012 Hafla Rehearsal

Instructor Bios:

About Thea 

Thea is a local North County Belly Dancer who first saw and fell in love with Belly Dance in highschool  of 2009. She has studied under local dancers such as Elena "Hypnotizing  Hips" and Amalya at the Goddess Studio, Bedora Noire, and Talia Jewel. She has also danced along side Talia for 2 years as a member of The Oriental Jewels, a professional San Diego based belly dance company.

 Currently, she is focusing on both modern and traditional  styles, performing regularly at Shaks Mediterranean Bistro as well as other local events and showcases in San Diego. 

She feels very blessed and honored to be here and hopes to share with you her love for this beautifully expressive dance and the community that surrounds it.

About Shiraz

Christine Shiraz Sahin is a raqs sharqi (Egyptian-style belly dance) performer, teacher, and dance ethnographer-scholar. Having performed and taught from East-West coasts she is currently settled into San Diego. She earned her Ph.D. in Critical Dance Studies from UC Riverside's world-renowned program where she did her dissertation research on the contemporary Cairo raqs sharqi industry. She continues to return to Egypt annually to continue her training and research. As a performer, she's regularly danced professionally for Arab-American audiences for over a decade across both East and West coasts. 

Teaching is her joy, she loves seeing dancers grow at all levels, from one’s first hip shimmy to mentoring fellow working professionals. Her teaching is infused with strong foundational technique, supportive encouragement, the necessary cultural and historic nuance and contextualization, and a sincere love for the art form and her beautiful students. Her professional performance, teaching, and academic background all coalesce to provide a warm and meaningful environment to learn the rich dances of Egypt- both folkloric and raqs sharqi.

About Amalya 

Amalya has been delighting audiences since 1993 with her graceful interpretations of Middle Eastern Oriental dance. With early training in ballet, tap, and Hawaiian dance, then modern and jazz, Amalya has discovered her unique expression of movement in Belly Dance.

Her repertoire embraces various styles of dance including, Egyptian, American Tribal, Turkish, Moroccan, Gypsy, East Indian, and Sacred Feminine. Her performance experience encompasses formal solo concert presentations, troupe dancing, informal "cabaret" performances and sacred dance celebrations. Her specialty is the veil dance but she is also versed with sword, candles, fan, and cane.

Amalya has studied with many renowned Belly Dance masters and is herself carrying on the legacy of dance instruction through various classes and special event workshops in the San Diego area. 

(Photo by Mark Molbegott) Hafla 2018

About Elena 

Dancing since the age of eight, Elena is known for her exciting performance, personality and grace.  After training in Ballet, Jazz and Modern, Elena began studying Belly Dance in the late 1990’s and quickly found her true passion for dance!  She is an outstanding entertainer and has appeared with Dance Troupe Nujum al Raks.


With a degree in Liberal Arts, Elena’s classes focus on physical awareness, stage presence and interaction with Egyptian-Style dance props.

UPDATE 2018 ~

Elena is taking a temporary leave from Dance teaching while she pursues a new full time job! She will drop in to teach as her new schedule permits!

To Honor her 10 years of teaching at the Goddess Studio, here's a Photo Album, created by Amalya on Mixbook that you can view for free or purchase as a physical book.

About Nadirah 

Nadirah is a two time Winner of the Belly Dancer of the Universe, and creator of "Goddess in Motion & Bodies in Motion" Method--a proven dance/movement method that promotes healing, health, connection & agelessness. 

She is a renowned International Performer, Master Instructor and Leading Authority on The Healing Power of Belly Dance.


She is also an international Best Selling Author of "Goddess In Motion", an inspirational Activity Book to step into your healing power; and  her DVD “Belly Dance Healing from illness"  is inspiring  women worldwide to rebuild themselves from the inside out!  "Goddess In Motion" Method is for women, and "Bodies In Motion" is for everybody. 

She is passionate about feminine leadership, assisting women in activating their feminine energy through a variety of tools that improve women’s lives. Her methods help people to connect to their essence & Increasing their presence on stage, in business & in the bedroom + experience fulfillment, passion, pleasure, satisfaction & success. 

Links to pics & videos of our Last Hafla Showcases:

Photo by Nathan Choi

2018 Hafla Showcase at the Goddess Studio


2015  Hafla Showcase at the Goddess Studio

HAFLA 2015 PHOTOS & VIDEOS are (mostly) up for viewing now.... Enjoy the show!....

Thank you Dancers for abundantly expressing your JOY & BEAUTY! And gratitude also to Elena and Mark for capturing it all! It was an AMAZING SHOW!!!!

3.  VIDEOS by Mark Molbegott are up on his private YouTube page

4. FLYER: The show flyer can be viewed at this link.

2014 Belly Dance Showcase at the Goddess Studio

Saturday, Aug 23, 2014!  

For the Flyer:  Visit this page 

2013 Belly Dance Showcase at the Goddess Studio

~To see three FULL FANCY SLIDE SHOWS of this event, click this link to my photo album page then click the thumbnail of album you want to see:

~If the fancy slide shows won't play for you (if your Apple device does not support Flash player), you can view a smaller slide show here too:

~YouTUBE VIDEOS can be enjoyed at this link too!

2012 Goddess Studio Belly Dance Showcase at the Vine Theater:  

To play slide show of 2012 Dance Hafla below, hover over picture (or tap it) and a little play arrow will appear below and you can hit play or skip forward or backward. (Note there are lots of pics so it may take a while to all load up!)