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About: Amy's Journey 

Amy's Spiritual Healing Journey

Amalya’s (Amy Peck) life mission is to empower women (herself included!) to love and accept themselves, embrace the Sacred Feminine, and live in balance.


Her motto is “turn your wounds to wisdom” ~ and her spiritual path has been to unveil the gifts of wisdom from the grief of wounds and thereby claim empowerment and joy instead of victimhood.

Finding self acceptance for her lost parts of her spirit has been Amy’s lifelong journey as a she struggled with incessant feelings of anger, self-loathing, loss, frustration, and sadness from unrecognized emotional wounds she absorbed in early childhood due to living in the shadow of an older sister with severe Down’s Syndrome (mental retardation as it was called back then.)

This challenging developmental environment contributed in part to an erosion of young Amy’s self esteem as she was prone to acting out, getting ridiculed by her classmates, and being frequently disciplined by her teachers.

All in all though, supported by her loving parents, Amy’s resilient spirit still found ways to shine through— for it was the joy of dance, drawing and swimming that gave little Amy her initial affirmative sense of self, and molded her passions as she matured—inspiring her to pursue life expressions in dance and art.

Then, in her early adulthood, after a successful ten year career in art and advertising, Amy went through a profound burnout experience and emotional crisis which was the catalyst for a renewed commitment to cultivate a greater understanding of her inner self. In her journey to unravel the dynamics of her childhood developmental experiences and cope with years of suppressed depression and sadness, Amy embarked on a path of consciousness to find joy and self esteem through spiritual study, creative expression, and sacred service.

Along this path, as Amy healed her childhood wounds to her self esteem, she also discovered that another component of self worth for women in general related to inculcated beliefs about women’s innate spiritual unworthiness in our culture’s religious and moral precepts. This spurred her on to reclaim her sense of inner divinity and thereby regain greater self esteem by reclaiming the lost heritage of the Sacred Feminine.

Amy’s healing journey has thus been the fuel firing her passion to create visionary art and devotional dance, to teach and be an inspiration to others, to unveil the divine Goddess within herself, and to help other women find their healing path too.

Through many avenues of inner growth involving years of spiritual seeking, counseling, meditation practices, group therapies and retreats, journaling, art therapy, dancing, new-age healing modalities, Priestess training, massage certification, ceremony and study, Amy has transformed the wounds of childhood and the wounds from cultural/spiritual misogyny to the wisdoms of compassion and empathy for others and for herself too.

Today, Amy (also known as Amalya in her circles of dance and women’s groups) blends her gifts of compassion, empathy, and passion for the Sacred Feminine and goddess mythology, with her talents in art, painting, photography, dance and ceremony to inspire other women to accept themselves and know they are validated and valued.

Amalya is adept at creating beautiful, safe and sacred space, at making women feel welcomed, nurtured and affirmed through the gatherings she holds at the Goddess Studio, her dance classes, and through the Glorious Goddess photographic portraits she creates with others.

Amalya is living her life mission to empower women to love and accept themselves, to embrace the Sacred Feminine, and live in balance.

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