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Hugs from Presenters & Participants...


The Goddess Studio is an amazing place to explore, celebrate and reconnect with your Divine Sacred Feminine. It's been my pleasure to co-create retreats with Amalya (& other brilliant goddesses) for TEN wonderful years. She has designed a safe format for women to look within, unblock fears and find purpose in life. You will feel fulfilled, playful and unburdened of excess stress. Please take a day of "ME TIME" to reset the radiance and vibration of your aura. YOLO - You Only Live Once!

Laurie "Sparkle" Wood
Co-Presenter and Participant
Vasi-web-size-0108_small size.jpeg

The Goddess Studio is one of a kind, and so is Amalya. As soon as you walk in the door, there is a warm, loving and beautiful energy that welcomes you into this sacred space. I’ve had the joy of hosting many workshops at the Goddess Studio and also as a participant of other events. Amalya ensures every detail is covered and every person who enters feels honored.


If you’ve never attended an event at the Goddess Studio, give yourself the gift and attend one soon! You’ll be blessed… and leave feeling inspired and connected to something quite magical.

Vasi Huntalas
Co-Presenter and Participant
Founder of "Ignite Your Sol" for Career Mentoring and Vision Coaching.

There is absolutely nothing better than finding a place where you truly belong.

It's that sense of longing satisfied. That inkling of completion, that feeling of grace & ease.   That's the feeling I get whenever I enter the Goddess Studio. 


And the feeling I carry with me when I leave is even better. 
For the Spirit of the Goddess is awakened, and She travels with me in close concert.  
Of course there is Belly Dancing in between. And coin skirts, veils, and drums, Sisterhood, acceptance, compassion & understanding, music, and laughter. All of the most wonderful attributes of existence are encapsulated in this Sacred Space, which Priestess Amalya has literally brought to Life.

It is my honor and my privilege to attend the Space here, and partake in what has become a veritable renewal, each week that we meet.

Tamara Peterson
Dancer, Goddess, Chiropractor
and Jewelry Artist of
"TamRocks Treasures"

Snuggled in the beautiful hills of Escondido, CA, The Goddess Studio is a magical place that supports women and honors the Goddess in numerous forms. The owner and priestess of the studio, Amalya is a radiant and talented woman who gracefully teaches, serves, empowers, and inspires the women of her community and all that attend the studio. The Goddess Studio is a stunningly beautiful space and I was delighted to present 2 screenings of my red tent documentary "Things We Don't Talk About" and co-host a red tent event for the women of the community. I love working with Amalya. She and her space are a treasure and I feel blessed to call her my friend.

Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost, PhD
Film maker, Speaker, Presenter

I had seen pictures of the glorious Goddess Studio, so I was looking forward to visiting it. Well, now I've been there, and it is every bit as beautiful and well-appointed as I expected. More importantly, it is a space filled with the devotion of many ceremonies and gatherings, and that is something precious for women. Amalya, you have my thanks for creating and holding this art-full sanctuary for women to know, grow, heal, and inspire each other. Many blessings!

Max Dashu
Goddess Scholar, Historian,
Creator of the Suppressed Histories Archives

As a  presenter at The Goddess Studio for the workshop "Inviting the Queen Into Your Life", I have to say what a wonderful experience I had with Amalya and her beautiful women’s sanctuary in Escondido. The physical ambiance is uniquely beautiful and so artfully mirrors all the attributes of the Divine Feminine. It is beautiful, embracing, and comfortable, with so many amenities. There is a professional level sound system, sweeping hillside views, a small kitchen stocked with waters, teas, and healthy snacks. But best of all is Amalya—she is smart, supportive and helpful, with an excellent sense of marketing. I highly recommend The Goddess Studio.

Sandra Rogers, MA, LMFT
Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy

Amalya Peck and the Goddess Studio - what a beacon of light, spirituality and beauty in our time!  It has always been such a pleasure to teach at The Goddess Studio and work with Amalya.  She and this sacred space embody what we believe are the Sacred Feminine.  Both are a gift to men and women in our time.  Artist, teacher and speaker, priestess, sacred dancer, ritualist and visionary foundress of the Goddess Studio.  Amalya wears many hats and wears them all divinely!  I am thankful for talented and dedicated women such as herself, so full of integrity and courage, who help facilitate the awakening of our world to our Divine Mother.

Dr. Rev. Karen Tate
Author, Speaker, Radio Show Host
Voices of the Sacred Feminine Radio

You have developed such a rich body of work over the decade and touched many lives. I am blessed to have been part of that decade. The richness of beauty and devotion of your temple provides additional nourishment and satisfaction to teaching there. And you have developed a vibrant community of Goddess women! Thank you, Amalya, for your many years of devotion to the resurgence of the Goddess, to women's empowerment and to providing the space and opportunities for so many women to share their gifts. Blessings on your next decade!

Vajra Ma 
Author, Dancer, Priestess, Presenter

The Goddess Studio is a colorful, safe, womblike space that moved one of my friends to tears when she saw it. Each event is carefully crafted for learning, insights, creativity and fun. Every gathering has a special theme and each one is memorable.   Amalya’s generosity is unparalleled.  She offers food, drink, and comfort. She encourages expression with sharing groups, music and dance. There are veils and musical instruments that add to the experience. Amalya is an inspired divine priestess willing to share all she has and all she knows with others. Interesting, insightful, dedicated women, of all ethnicity and ages, show up to celebrate the Divine Feminine. What a gift to the world!  I am honored and grateful to be a participant.

Ruth Eileen Dorn
Artist & Massage Therapist, SD
Co-Presenter, and Participant

For 18 years I've been blessed to enjoy the gifts found in the women's circles, Awaken Your Inner Goddess Retreats, and gatherings at the Goddess Studio.

I can't imagine a more rich and beautiful way to come home to the kaleidoscope of my Self as a woman. As we gather, speak, chant, create, share and celebrate, I reclaim & express sometimes forgotten or even unknown parts of myself. At the end of the day, knowing we have made "time for everything under heaven", I have an overflowing feeling of being seen, heard, valued, loved, cherished, and celebrated as a woman. 

Kate Callagy
Wardrobe & Beauty Consultant

The Goddess Studio is a wondrous place to experience the sacred feminine. It provides me with positive spiritual energy through ceremony, knowledge, music and meditation. Powerful messages of love for oneself, others and nature, guide me. I enjoy participating in a circle of remarkable women, of all ages and backgrounds, who share their wisdom and kindness. I always feel blessed to be at the Goddess Studio. Thank you Amalya, for your generosity and grace!

Denise Spring
Priestess, Co-Presenter, & Participant

The Goddess Studio is a beautiful spiritual center for women to come together in a loving, healing way. I had wounds and negativity to cope with when I first visited, from my divorce, the passing of my mother, to just the normal wear and tear of life’s struggles, but knowing Amalya, and the other kind, creative, supportive women there, helped those worries melt away. Amalya facilitates a safe space for women to share in sisterhood, express the goddess within, and most importantly, have fun! 

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