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Sabbats: 2024 Litha / Summer Solstice
Event Information

Join us for...

2024 Litha / Summer Solstice
Celebration & POTLUCK

Sunday, June 30, 2024

"Come Home to the Hive"
Encapsulate the Solstice Sun
with your Hive of Sisters &
Honey Bee Magic!

Presented by Mandella, Sunshine, Tabetha,
Sablewolf, Vee, Victoria, Lea & Amalya

dome shaped bee hive with honey bees, an

1) OUR THEME:   

As we move into the summer, we honor Litha, the Summer Solstice! Summer Solstice is the day of the year, in the Northern Hemisphere, with the most hours of sunlight!  This point in the Wheel of the Year offers powerful opportunities for us women to reflect on the symbols of this season to find inspiration from nature to empower our inner spiritual journeys. Of course the most obvious symbol is the big, bright SUN being at its annual longest day which gives us plenty of themes to play with, but this year we have heard the call of our humble little sisters in nature who encapsulate the Sun’s light… The magical Honey Bee!

What wisdom about the Solstice and women can honey bees offer?  A hive full! Did you know that all those worker bees diligently collecting nectar are all females? And that bees are deeply tuned in to the position of the sun, which they use not only daily for navigating and communicating by “dancing”, but seasonally as well in order to manage the populations of the hive? For when the Sun reaches its most northerly position relative to the earth at the Summer Solstice, the bees generally reach their peak of production and expansion for the year too, and then the hive starts to contract and store their honey to prepare for winter.

Thus in a way, the magic of bees is that they “encapsulate” the light! They are like little flying/humming/dancing “photons” that harvest the energy of the sun from the nectar of flowers and convert it into liquid light of amber honey which then nourishes and warms the hive through the winter as well as brings sweetness, healing and sustenance to our lives. Plus, add a wick to their beeswax and they yet again can literally bring the flame of the sun back to life! Magic!

So come join us as we honor the humble Honey Bee, our sweet little sisters who capture the sun, dance and hum and who love to come home to the Hive.

(PS: don’t worry, no actual live “bee keeping” attempts will be made–it is all symbolic!)



We will be crafting mini Bee-hives

3) REGARDING FOOD:  We will be having a POTLUCK!  Please bring a main dish or side salad to share with all.

4) THINGS TO EXPECT: sharing lore, meditation, crafting, ceremony, sisterhood and beeing loved!

5) WEAR & BRING:  Sun Colors, bee or flower adornments and sunscreen! Bring: Hat, sunglasses, and potluck dish.

6) TIME:  1:45 - 7:00 pm. Please arrive between 1:30-1:45 to give yourself enough time to settle in and take pictures! Circle will start at 2:00, and potluck will start at 5:45 ish! This is a progressive event, please be on time. Also, Gate closes at 2:30, see (9) below.

NOTE: Depending on how hot it is, we may be circling both indoors and outdoors, with initial circle outside and with crafting segment inside. Although we will also have a table outdoors for crafting too, if not too hot.

sunflower with bee.jpg

*7) COST:   $30 love offerings are appreciated. 

$30 PayPal link for Sabbat Love Offering

Thank you for supporting our sacred events by making a contribution of $30, if at all possible*. You can honor these events financially and energetically by making a payment in advance, via the PayPal link (see underlined link above or click the PayPal icon) or by remembering to make your contribution at the door: Cash, or checks (payable to Amy Peck--not Goddess Studio) are preferred, but we can also take VENMO at the door. (@AmalyaGoddess). (NOTE: We can no longer take credit cards at the door. Credit cards only accepted via PayPal in advance.)

*If you really want to come and can't make a $30 contribution, please contact Amalya directly in advance for other options. Also, on the other hand, if you'd like to donate additional funds for a scholarship for another goddess, please contact Amalya as well.

CANCELLATION POLICY if you have pre-paid, you will be refunded if you notify Amalya 24 hrs prior to the event. (No refunds for no-shows. Payments cannot be transferred to another event. Thank you for your understanding.)

IMPORTANT: PLEASE RSVP "Yes" if you can commit to coming! An RSVP is a must to reserve your space, and most importantly to secure your craft materials, and to receive the final "Delightful Details and Directions" email which will be sent to you a few days before the event.  PLEASE rsvp on the MeetUp site OR email Amalya!  Thank you! (

Your RSVP is taken very seriously. These events mean alot to us and we devote significant time, energy and money to producing these high quality and meaningful gatherings eight times a year. Unfortunately, due to the rising number of people who RSVP "yes" and then don't show, we have been overbuying supplies and not able to cover our costs. "No shows" are very hard on us, not only financially, but emotionally and energetically as well. If you cannot come after you have rsvp'd "yes", then please simply change your rsvp to "NO" as soon as possible. Also, if you are bringing a guest, please let us know their names too! Thank you for honoring your commitment with integrity, your Goddess Mamas really appreciate it.

PayPal Link



You don't need to set up a PayPal account, just sign in as a Guest.

(You will be re-directed to Amy Peck Productions -Goddess Studio PayPal "purchase details" page. Click continue, and at the "log-in" screen, if you don't have a PayPal account, just click the grey bar "Pay with Debit or Credit card" to sign in as guest.)

Thank you for supporting our sacred events!


9) LOCATION/GATE/PARKING: The Goddess Studio of Escondido. PLEASE RSVP to get address, gate code and parking instructions! The Goddess Studio is on the private property of Amy (Amalya) & Dennis Peck in a gated, residential neighborhood, in Escondido, CA.

  • NOTE: The FULL "Delightful Details & Directions", address, parking info & Gate code will be sent to you via email several days before the event! PLZ CHECK YOUR EMAIL that you have associated with your rsvp method (ie Meetup or PayPal account!)  Please do not RSVP on Facebook etc.

10) Join our MEETUP CLAN GROUP:  The best way to stay informed and to RSVP is on our private Meetup site "The Escondido Goddess Studio Meetup Clan".

For an overview about the Goddess Studio Meetup Clan: 

11) GUIDELINES for sharing in a group: Please acquaint yourself with our Guidelines for sharing in a circle:
"Council Sharing: Guidelines for sharing in Circle" (links to a pdf doc on this site).

12) SAVE THE DATES for our NEXT SABBATS:  check out the schedule on the "Sabbats/Wheel of the Year" page of this site!


Thank you for your interest in our gathering!
And as I've mentioned before, feel free to invite a woman friend, (just let me know their names & email) and you don't have to be an official member of the Goddess Studio MEETUP group to come to any event at the Goddess Studio!

I look forward to receiving your RSVPs!
Until we merry meet!!

decorative bee hive.jpg
decorative bee hive with sun behind.jpg

NOTE:  More description in general about our Wheel of the Year Sabbat Celebrations, and joining our MeetUp clan can be found on the "Sabbats" page of this site! 

Pics from 2019 Litha ...

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