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Maori Magic with Melanie!

Sun Jan 28, 2024

2-5 pm   $24* (Sold out)

at the Goddess Studio

What if symbols you placed on a circle could reveal your destiny for the new year and show you how to uplift your body, mind and spirit, ground your intentions, and show you possibilities for healing?  It's True!

The Maori tribe of New Zealand has been doing this activity for years to support the women in the community to bring in positive energy, health, direction, focus and clarity into their new year.

And you can experience it at the beautiful Goddess Studio in Escondido, without flying to New Zealand!


Join us for an uplifting afternoon of music, a positive energy tune-up, and the unique Maori Magical Mandala process! You will take your mandala home and affirm the magic unfolding in your life!

This process was created by American anthropologist, Angeles Arrian, after she studied the matriarchal Maori tribe, who every year performed this ritual to support women in their journey through life.

What magic awaits you? Let's gather together on Sunday, January 28th, 2-5pm and allow it to flow! 

(Light snacks will be provided.)


Melanie  Lococo

Transformational Coach, Author & Storyteller



Melanie Lococo,  has a Masters in Counseling from San Diego State University and also has Expressive Arts Training as well as being a certified Hypnotherapist.  She is an accomplished intuitive, Tarot expert, Face-Reader, and Soulmate Alignment facilitator.  She also is an ordained Priestess of the Goddess Studio in 2023, and vowed to serve the Goddess in women through creative arts, sound healing and storytelling. 

This is a PAST EVENT!  (It was awesome!)


Advance Registration required via PayPal or Venmo. See links below.

* A portion of your payment will be donated to a non-profit serving women.

The location, address & Gate code will be given to you when you register.  

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Thank you for supporting our sacred events!


We have reached our
maximum capacity of 32 women!
Thank you!!
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