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Amalyas Art: Glorious Goddess Portraits 

Custom, Sacred, Photo/Digital Personalized Portraits
by Amalya


Imagine... A Glorious Goddess Portrait of YOU!

Express yourself as your Divine Essence, or your sublime Archetype, a Goddess, Fairy, Mermaid, Warrior, Angel, Shaman, Dakini, or whatever magical or powerful being you imagine yourself to be! 


A “Glorious Goddess Portrait” is a privately commissioned, personalized and customized, digitally enhanced photographic portrait which I co-create with individual women to express their Glorious Selves.


I take the original, digital photographs of you in a private session in the Goddess Studio (Escondido CA), and then embellish your favorites using Photoshop.


My intention is to collaborate with you to manifest an inspirational image of you that can be an aid for visualization, healing or meditation; a celebration of you at a special time in your life; a unique gift for someone special; or simply a beautiful reminder of your Glorious Self!


From start to finish, the entire process is a loving, playful and sacred experience. It’s not about snapping a good photo of’s about having fun, honoring you, and picturing your powerful, personal presence!


The Goddess Studio is a beautiful and sacred environment (not your typical grey and black photo studio) and is guaranteed to inspire you! (Visit the "ABOUT: Goddess Studio" page for pics.) I also can provide veils and costuming accessories to enhance your visionary expression! And with my artist’s eye and dance teaching experience I can guide you to find the pose that’s perfect!


If you are ready for a unique experience, I am ready to co-create with you! I look forward to meeting you. Please review my Photo Package below and email me for a price quote. Til we merry meet!


Blessed be~ Amalya       ~Scroll on down for more pics and info....

The "Glorious Goddess"
Photo Experience and Package Includes:

  • A 1 1/2 hour private photo session in the Goddess Studio, Escondido.
  • 1 1/2 hours of image review & selection together at my computer.
  • My creative time embellishing your photo in “Photoshop” (4-6 hours).
  • A digital copy in medium resolution of all your original photos, (approx 70-90 shots).
  • One final 8x10, signed, archival print of your Glorious Goddess Portrait

Professional PR photography can be included too...

For your PROFESSIONAL requirements:


~ I can also work with you to help you create a customized sacred portrait for your marketing needs for CDs, DVDs and website images.


Please let me know what your intentions for your images will be, as license/usage fees may apply.


Please contact me for a price quote, and to see larger samples:


(For more info on The Goddess Studio visit: and click on About Goddess Studio. The Goddess Studio is in Escondido, North San Diego area, California.)

Please Contact Amalya for a personal price quote!

Gift Certificates are available too!

A Photo Gallery of Completed Glorious Goddess Portraits by Amalya


"I waited years to have my Goddess Portrait done by Amayla, and was thrilled beyond all expectations with the entire process! From photo shoot to creative collaboration of added features, Amayla's insights and vision to see and help a woman "Get her Goddess on!" is her superpower!! I highly recommend ALL women have a portrait by Amayla!" 

Penelope Richards


Gaia Goddess LLC


“I am so overcome by the beauty of this picture and the obvious love that you put into it! You clearly were in tune with me when you made these changes and I am filled with gratitude.  You are a beautiful artist Goddess who captures the Goddess element in women.  You are really amazing.  Thank you so much for your gifts and generosity.  You are changing women and the world one portrait at a time.  There is simply no way to overestimate the power of transformation birthed from these portraits.”


Barbara Bradley

Goddess Athena Penelope

Goddess Athena Penelope

An original Glorious Goddess Portrait by Amalya


My Clients:

My clients are women who are willing to express themselves and honor their inner Goddess, their inner girl, and their innate beauty!


 My client is a woman who recognizes that a personalized image has the ability to reflect to her: her spiritual essence, her visionary self, her “power” attributes, or her femaleness. She is someone who appreciates the creative process and values the power of a portrait to empower her self image.


My clients are women of all ages, shapes and dance or modeling experience necessary!

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