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Amalyas Art: Original Paintings

Original Acrylic Paintings on Canvas


Photo by Daniel Franks Photography

To share her passion for painting and visions of color, here are some images of original acrylic on canvas paintings, from her private collection, that Amalya produced in years past signed as Amy Peck. (These paintings are not for sale--but come visit the Goddess Studio and you can see them in person!)

All rights reserved. Please respect these images and do not copy. Contact Amalya for usage permission requests.  

Thank you and Blessed be!

For more about Amalya (Amy Peck MA) as artist visit the

About: Amalya Professional Bio page

Scroll down or tap this link for her Artists Statement about her abstract paintings...


Artist's Statement

I love to paint for the same reasons I love to dance—to merge with the source of creation—to flow energy through my body—to luxuriate in sensual delight.  My desire while painting is to allow the energy to flow freely in the present moment so that the act of painting is like an effortless, joyful dance.  As I paint, I move to music and allow my gestures to arise spontaneously.  The act of painting is like creating a two-dimensional choreography with spins of color, leaps of lines, percussive rhythms and balanced forms expressing another nuance of the dance of life.  

Painting is also a mystical experience for me. It is playing with layers of consciousness and intuition, and invoking hidden dimensions as I explore veils of color and form ebbing and flowing.   It is also an experience of the Divine Feminine for it is the mystery of creation, of giving birth through a labor of love.  I desire that my paintings be empowered with a feeling of this mystery and that they evoke a sense of this magical, potent, sacred feminine essence.


As I work, I hold the intention that I may serve as a channel through which this creative essence may flow and thereby birth a painting that is exciting and powerful.  I choose brilliant, shimmery color because I feel that this palette creates a joyful, energizing mood.  I believe that color, symbols and the fluid waveforms of brushstrokes can emanate energy vibrations which physically and psychically affect us.  Much like intoning a mantra of sacred sounds which can induce experiences of the sublime, so too I feel that colors and waveforms have a significant effect on our consciousness.


Thus my paintings are a prayer that the symbols, forms, colors and glyphs create vibrations of energy that invoke healing and inspiration.  My desire is to create art of sensual feminine energy that evokes optimism, and light.  My goal is that as I achieve a work, which uplifts me, it will also uplift others. In my paintings, I want the dance of color, line, and form to captivate the viewer, animate their inner feelings and awaken their spirit to the sacred choreography of creation.

Amy Peck



I danced the spin and became the spiral

yet in the center I was still,

and everything else around me ceased to be.

I was flying, whirling,

my heartbeat chased the rhythm of my feet—

I heard my breath and felt the wind across my face—

yet in the center I was still,

and everything else around me ceased to be.

Universes Passing By

Universes passing by
is it you that moves…or I?
Primeval forms birthed by dance
is it reality…or trance?
Sacred signs of cosmic being
is it void…or has it meaning?
Woven rhythms, color and light
is it accident…or insight?
Galaxies you seem to be
is it out there…or inside me?
Universes passing by
is it you that moves…or I?
Artist Statement
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