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Gallery: 2021 Lammas/Mabon Photo Album

Bringing our Harvest to Heart

Presented by Priestesses, Pannthera, Mandella, Lea, Vee, Freya and Amalya

This year we combined Lammas and Mabon themes to express our thankfulness for the gifts of our harvest.  The central question of the day was: What have you "harvested" this year that you are most thankful for--that you welcome most deeply into your heart?   

To help us find the answer to this question we journeyed in a profound, guided meditation to meet the Mother of the Harvest; we then decorated beautiful  folding paper "gift shrines” to hold our symbols and blessings of our harvested energies and to express our Thankfulness;  and we broke into small groups to share our shrines and harvest stories. To conclude our day we empowered these "shrines" with a ceremony of blessings of elemental energies by adding symbolic pinches of  lavender (air), cinnamon (fire), shells (water) and sunflower seeds (earth) into the pockets in our shrines!  

All these activities were augmented by the Harvest Lore shared by Freya, the meditation written by Vee, the folding templates designed by Mandella, chants by Pannthera, and a beautiful handout booklet designed by Lea!

Photos by Amalya and Mandella
Thank you! and Thank you to the Priestesses! for the deep, rich, sensual experience of Bringing our Harvest to Heart with and through the Elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  Miraculous rippling out of revelations, integrations and epiphanies reverberate in my soul like the distant bells of an ancient land I've been longing to hear and feel.
I treasure the moments of deep connection, creativity, intimate sharing from the heart, dancing and chanting with my sisters. Having my altar to touch, smell, enjoy and re-member the sacred mysteries of the turning of the wheel in our now lives and the wonderful pamphlet all crafted with so much tender loving care by each one of the priestesses...every word so precious.  Thank you all.  I bow to the Grace of your Hands and Hearts!  All is Love, All is Goddess in all her guises.  Blessed Be!

Heart to Heart Always,

Our Handout by Lea

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