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About: The Priestess Hive

Meet the Priestesses of the Goddess Studio...

These women have completed (or are in the process of completing) the year long Priestess Training Program and are available for sacred service according to their bios below...
If you would like to connect with any of these Priestesses, please contact Amalya and she will will be happy to introduce you.

Current Presenting Priestess Team


Pannthera has been an active Priestess at the Goddess Studio since her initiation and ordination. She has been volunteering as an intern in the position of Apprentice to the Presiding Priestess and serving in numerous roles from altar designer, to chant writer and drummer, to admin and logistical assistant, as well as creative ceremony and craft muse, channel for the Goddess, and officiant. 


She is available to serve as a Ceremony Officiant and her specialty is Tarot and Oracle Reading for private clients.  Visit:


Initiated & Ordained 2018



Initiated & Ordained 2018

Bi-lingual in Spanish & English, Vee serves the Goddess Studio as a primary facilitator, a creative writer of meditations and lore, ritual designer, "procurement priestess" and all around hands on assistant!  She also has a gift for channeling or "aspecting" the essence of Goddess in the roles she plays in our rituals! 

She is available to serve as Ceremony Officiant in English or Spanish as well as offer private Tarot and Oracle Readings.


Initiated & Ordained 2018

Freya has been a very dedicated priestess serving the Goddess Studio since 2017 in every way possible from "parking" priestess, to lore and meditation writer, to drummer, to facilitator and she is always ready to lend a hand. 


She is available to serve as Ceremony Officiant and co-producer.  



Initiated & Ordained 2018

Lea is also very devoted to serving the Goddess at our events and her greatest contribution to each Sabbat is her amazing graphic design gift expressed in the beautiful handouts she creates. She is also a wonderful writer of our lore and meditations.

Her specialty of service is through her graphic design business.



(Priestess in Training)

Mandella's sacred contribution to the Goddess Studio events is her artistic talents! Her creative crafting ideas have greatly inspired our recent events and her photography talent and technical app skills have added another level of professionalism and beauty to our gatherings.

Currently her specialty of service is professional social media and web design consulting.



(Priestess in Training)

Collaborating Priestesses

Sablewolf's devotion to the Goddess is very profoundly expressed in her amazing spiritual intuition which she channels into her eloquent writing and delivery of our meditations, her creative ideas for ritual and ceremony, and her ability to take on the aspect of the Goddess in the roles she has played. 

Her deep spiritual awareness, thoughtfulness and grounded presence have endeared her greatly to all of us at the Goddess Studio.


Many more Priestesses from previous & future trainings will be presented here!

THIS section is still bubbling in the Cauldron...
come back again soon for the final feast!

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