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Further Study: Amalya's Articles & Essays

Why do Ritual or Ceremony?

  • To bring a greater spiritual awareness into our lives, especially of the Divine Feminine Essence

  • To create sacred space

  • To share a supportive community--to laugh, play, cry, nurture and encourage each other

  • To express spiritual devotion in artistic and creative ways through movement, music, drumming, humor, poetry, song, dance

  • To acknowledge the turning points, cycles, passages, transitions, losses and gains, and deaths and births in our lives

  • To acknowledge our relationship to the earth and her seasons

  • To validate ourselves as women, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, wise-women, daughters, healers, lovers, priestesses and significant spiritual beings

  • To empower one another and ourselves by giving, sharing, and receiving symbolic gifts or soulful offerings/presentations

  • To experience a sense of magic, of "following the flow", of synchronicity, empathy, love and joy, play and whimsy, fullness and healing, beauty and awe, catharsis and release, wisdom and compassion

  • To foster positive changes within ourselves, our lives and community

How to Awaken Your Inner Goddess
(Points from Fox 6 TV Interview of 7-24-08)

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A. What is a Goddess?

~Probably what comes to mind for most people when they hear “Goddess” is an image of the Greek Aphrodite or perhaps Athena or Artemis/Diana. But “GODDESS” encompasses so much more.


~ A Goddess is a universal symbol, metaphor or archetype (original model) of the Sacred Feminine Principle of Divinity. To better understand Sacred Feminine, think of the yin/yang symbol of the Chinese philosophy. Yin is the feminine half of the Divine.


~ A Goddess represents the Divine Universal Mother, as well as the archetype of Woman in all her roles and mysterious forms throughout time and cultures…as maiden, mother, wise crone, lover, healer, bleeder, leader, birth-giver, creatrix, Goddess, The Forces of Nature, artist, warrior, wife, muse, priestess, sister, daughter, devouring hag, harlot as well as angel and saint.


B. What does it mean to Awaken Your Inner Goddess?

~ For women to acknowledge the Goddess within, is to say my female nature is intrinsically divine and sacred.


~ Basically our culture presents two “idyllic” role models for women to emulate: The Holy Virgin Mother of Religion or the Sex Vamp of the Media. With these icons of the “ideal” woman to inspire us, most women are left feeling innately inadequate.


~ By awakening our Inner Goddess, we are reminded to look to other symbols of empowered women, historical (herstorical) as well as contemporary.


C. What would a “Goddess” today be like?

~ Being a Goddess today (is not about being a “SuperMom”) but it is being:

  • A woman who is on a spiritual path of self awareness to recognize that she is one with the Divine.

  • A woman owning her power, having self confidence and having a voice to stand up for herself.

  • A woman with healthy self esteem and clear boundaries, and a firm belief in her own sense of self worth.

  • A woman who expresses her creative passions for the joy it brings to herself as well as others.

  • A woman who has overcome, or strives to heal any shame around her sexuality.

  • A woman who can laugh, cry, scream or sing out loud and feel ok with herself no matter what.

  • A woman of strong convictions, deep wisdom, loving compassion and unshakeable integrity.

  • A woman who nurtures herself as well as the people and endeavors she loves.


D. What are some tools or techniques that women can use to Awaken Her Inner Goddess?

(AKA: Amalya’s 5 “Commandments” of Awakening Your Inner Goddess!)

1. RECLAIM: Research and rediscover empowering icons, archetypes, & representations of spiritually and culturally empowered females. Remember the lost spiritual heritage of women in myth, legend, story, art, and ancient archeological artifacts. Study the stories of real women leaders, priestesses, artists, saints, activists and teachers.


2. CELEBRATE our unique passages through life especially those that have had a previously negative image such as the onset of menses & menopause, and first lovemaking-- plus other passages such as coming of age, partnering commitments, career changes, achievements, marriage, becoming a mother or grandmother, as well as honoring passages of loss, divorce or death.


3. CREATE AN ALTAR or sacred space to help you focus your intent and to have a visual symbol of beauty and inspiring items that remind you of feeling empowered or loved.


4. MOTHER YOURSELF…give yourself permission to nurture yourself, to take time in Mother Nature, to ask for what you need, to meditate, to dance, move, create, make music, drum, act, write, read, study, enjoy your passions, adorn yourself, enjoy your sensuality or embrace your sexuality. Give yourself permission to forgive yourself, to heal and rest.


5. FIND A COMMUNITY for support. Find a group of women to give you spiritual support through ceremony, sharing, and playing. (IE: Come to the Goddess Studio!)



E. Can a MAN awaken his “Inner Goddess”?

1. Yes, by acknowledging the ways in which he nurtures

2. developing and expressing compassion and empathy

3. Learning to understand and healthily express and share his emotions

4. By Honoring the Divine Feminine and respecting women.

NOTE: To view these pdf documents you will need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader program installed on your computer. Most computers have this already. But if you don’t, you can download Acrobat free from


~ "Magic & Manifestation: Amalya’s 13 Step Process"—Talking points from Radio Interview with Karen Tate 5-31-12. A 6 page outline.


~“Magic & Manifestation

a 12 page outline and synthesis of principles of manifestation compiled from many sources.


~ “What is the Sacred Feminine?”

A 4 page original essay by Amalya. This pdf is the unabridged version of the essay posted here.


~ “Inanna Queen of Heaven & Earth—the Descent of Inanna”. A 7 page article compiled by Amalya with lots of pics. (May take a second or two to load up!)


~ “From Earth Goddess to Virgin:The Herstory of the Goddess of the Americas ~ Tonantzin/Coatlique and the Virgin of Guadalupe.” An 8 page article complete with lots of images compiled by Amalya from many sources. (May take a second or two to load up!)


~ “Re-visioning Adam and eve: Serpent Symbolism in Ancient Goddess Cultures”.

An original published essay by Amy Peck printed in Habibi Magazine, 1992. This link will take you to the article archived on Habibi’s website.


Summer Solstice Lore. Compiled by Amalya for Summer Solstice 2016. An 8 page document loaded with info about the mechanics of the season astronomically, as well as the lore of Midsummer or Litha.

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