*~Celebrating 18 Years of honoring the Sacred Feminine in Classes, Events & Art!~*


Welcome to the website of The Goddess Studio,

 and Amalya (Amy Peck)

The Goddess Studio of Escondido is a physical temple space and community dedicated to honoring the Sacred Feminine and empowering women through various gatherings, rituals, Sabbat celebrations, Meetups, workshops, Priestess Training, and dance and art. (Scroll down for more...)

   The Goddess Studio is dedicated to honoring the Sacred 

                          Feminine and empowering women.

Our primary intent is to offer a sacred space and opportunities for women to discover the Divine Feminine, learn Goddess herstory, share meaningful ceremony and celebrate our passages, expand our self esteem, express our creativity, and connect in a like minded community of loving support.  

THE GODDESS STUDIO AS A SPACE:  The Goddess Studio is an actual place on private property in rural Escondido, near San Diego, California, founded by Amalya and her husband in 2003. It is a beautifully appointed, sacred space that serves as a temple for ceremony, a dance studio for belly dance classes, a photography studio for Amalya’s Glorious Goddess Portraits, a sanctuary for women to be their selves in, and a place for workshops, concerts, "Red Tents", dance shows, and other delightful gatherings! 

THE GODDESS STUDIO AS A COMMUNITY: Demographically speaking we are women of the San Diego area in our mid twenties to mid seventies, from a wide variety of heritages and backgrounds. Most gatherings are for adult women, but we do welcome maidens and men too at some gatherings. As a spiritual community, we come from many religious backgrounds and most of us find that the studio experiences expand or enhance our spiritual paths. We are an open community, this is not a religious organization or a non-profit and there is no membership structure or dues.

PHILOSOPHY: We advance ideals that celebrate all traditions of Goddesses and Earth honoring values. We encourage all activities that empower women and men to find greater self esteem, integrity and balance. And we honor all paths that affirm positive metaphysical, shamanic and magical practices in a non-hierarchical structure. (For an expanded article see "What is the Sacred Feminine" essay.)

If you are interested in learning more about the herstory of the Sacred Feminine, the legacy of the Goddesses, and participating in ritual, ceremony and events in a beautiful environment that focuses on healing and empowering women, then this is a great place for you. And if you know of others who share this vision, invite them to come play too... 


EXPLORE THIS SITE:  Please peruse the pages of this site to learn more about the Goddess Studio and our events, classes & workshops! Also explore Amalya’s articles and her unique photo-digital visionary art: her paintings, book & C.D. covers, photography, & Glorious Goddess Portraits.  (Look under the "More" tab for articles, favorite links & resources, and testimonials too!)

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Until we Merry Meet, Blessed Be  ~ Love Amalya



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