Events: "Special Events" 


 Spend an evening and a day
in the Presence of 
Mother Mary
 Fri May 20 & Sat May 21, 2016
Danielle Gibbons
(Men & Women Welcome)

at the Goddess Studio, Escondido
3202 Lemora Lane, Escondido*
(*Please email Amalya for more detailed driving directions: )

Fri Night May 20 ~
Free Channeling event &
Book Signing:
7 - 9 pm
Come for the channeling~
stay for the book-signing!


Come Celebrate Mother Mary and Danielle’s New Book, Mother Mary’s Pathway to Love, at A Free Event and Book Signing! Spend the evening with Mother as She opens your heart to the power of love, and be one of the first to purchase this beautiful, inspirational, and personally autographed book!

(Men and Women Welcome!)


The Event:

Fri evening May 20th

7-9 pm (please arrive by 6:45 to allow time to park & get settled)

Join Mother Mary, as She is channeled by Danielle, for a special evening of love. Are you ready to claim the love inside of you more fully so you can live a more authentic life and share your love with the world?


Because the truth is, you know your life is so much easier when it is aligned with love. We are connected to a wellspring of love that unites us to each other and is available to all of us at all times. But accessing that wellspring isn’t always easy or clear.


Well now it is……….


Spend the evening with Mother as She opens your heart to the power of love. You will be so glad you did.


The Book


“A gift from the heart of Mother to the heart of humanity. Loving ourselves just got easier.”

-Madisyn Taylor

Best-selling author, DailyOM: Inspirational Thoughts for a Happy, Healthy, and fulfilling Day


What if someone handed you a book and told you that you wouldn’t just be reading about love, you would be living it? Mother Mary’s Pathway to Love: Building a Loving Relationship With Yourself That will Transform Your Life is that book.


Mother Mary takes you deep inside the most important relationship you will ever experience, the one with yourself.


Her words are imbued with the power to create an interactive experience with you. She offers Her companionship while taking you on a journey of self-discovery. Each word supports your awakening by creating an inner awareness and experience as it unfolds.


Praise for Mother Mary’s Pathway to Love


"The definitive guide for the spiritual seeker. This wisdom will transform your life!" -Robbie Holz

Co-Author of award-winning Secrets of Aboriginal Healing and Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening


Mother Mary's Pathway to Love is a masterpiece that is not only life-changing to read, but profoundly beautiful in story and depth of teaching. It is an exquisitely written, inspirational master class and a must read for anyone seeking to know and love themselves more authentically. This book is a treasure and highly recommended.

~ Robin Mastro, Co-Author of Altars of Power and Grace, The Way of Vastu, and Making Room for Mr. Right


We hope to see you there. The love will be big, the hugs plentiful, and blessings that are just right for you!


Sat May 21 Live Workshop Event ($149) ~ A Day of Love with Mother Mary:


Love is the most powerful force in existence. It is all around us and within us. It supports us and nurtures us everyday of our lives. And you know your life just goes better when you choose love. Right? Mother Mary invites you to join Her for a day of celebrating love in its many forms and manifestations. With Her unconditional love She will guide you through an exploration of where you are right now in your relationship with love and show you how to make that grow. Because really, can you ever have too much love? Definitely not!


Mother understands how confusing love can be at times, especially when it isn’t returned in the way you believe it should be. Are you ready to shift that? Are you ready to step into love? Claim it? Expand it? Mother knows you’re ready. You do too.


The day’s offerings, from Her heart to yours,


  1. Get crystal clear about how love feels inside you.
  2. Fine-tune your focus on love.
  3. Unmask fear that is disguised as love.
  4. How to love when you don’t feel it.
  5. Easy ways to stay open to love.
  6. Learn how to energize yourself with love.
  7. How to love so that your well never runs dry.


You want love as the guiding force in your life. It infuses your values and inspires your creations. Come learn to set it free to heal your life, and expand your consciousness. Come and be reminded of everything love means to you and that it always saves the day!


Your day with Mother will take place at the gorgeous Goddess Studio in Escondido California. Don’t let the name fool you this sacred place is fertile ground for all who wish to grow and Mother’s event welcomes men and women to the dance.


Your day of love with Mother is May 21st,
TIME:  10 AM to 5 PM. (Please arrive by 9:45 am to have time to park, check in and get settled.)

Cost is $149


with DANIELLE:  go to this link to register:


After registration you will receive an email with all the details.

The audio recording of the day will be our gift to all participants.


See you there!

Women and Men are Welcome at this event!


Danielle Gibbons is the creator and founder of Beloved Publications. She has served as Mother Mary’s channel since 1994. She assists people all over the world connect with Mother’s love and grace. Mother Mary has served humanity for thousands of years. Together, they inspire individuals to awaken and expand their consciousness through their book, Mother Mary’s Pathway to Love: How to build a relationship with yourself that will transform your life, best selling courses, life changing retreats, and on-line events.


To register for the Saturday program using a credit card, please go to Danielle's website at this link:

(Fri Night is a FREE EVENT)



For Questions about the program or registration contact Danielle:

For MORE about Danielle please visit:  

"Beloved Publications is the name of our website and community, we provide a variety of ways to receive Mother’s wisdom. You can access all of Her live audio events as MP3 downloads. We also  offer ongoing weekly meditations, workshops throughout the year, monthly online events and free video messages from Mother. Thank you for being our guest."