Events: Priestess Training Course 


The Goddess Studio of Escondido


First Veil Priestess Path”

A Full Year, in person,

Priestess Training Program

(NEXT program will be 2020-2021)
This will be our 3rd time offering this year long program. 
It is only offered every two years.


NOTE RE 2020 PROGRAM!  WE are in process of scheduling and organizing the specifics and guest presenters for next year.  In the meantime, see below for the previous descriptions from the last training program. Just keep in mind that guest presenters and topics and cost may change!

Do you yearn to learn more about Women’s Spirituality? Are you being called to make a deeper commitment to your spiritual path as it relates to the Sacred Feminine? Do you want to clarify and formalize a path of service dedicated to the Divine “SHE” and become Her visible advocate, activist, or “minister” (aka PRIESTESS) in the world?

Do you intend to be a facilitator/officiant of women’s circles, ceremony and rites of passage? Are you wishing for a clearer connection to the Divine Mother in one or all of her forms? Do you desire to be a wiser Grandmother, Mother, Daughter, sister or friend? Do you want to empower your uniquely female creative, artistic, intuitive, or healing abilities?

What does it mean to be a Priestess of The Goddess today?

If these questions resonate in your heart, I invite you to join in a unique circle of women and journey together along this path of unveiling our sacred gifts, talents and transformative visions we as women have to offer the world!

I have designed this Priestess Training program to edify you with a broad overview about the ideal of the Sacred Feminine and the legacy of Goddess mythology, as well as to encourage a deeper understanding of your own spiritual path as a woman.

Over the course of the year we will gather together, in person, at the Goddess Studio of Escondido, CA as we study the ancient Herstories and myths of Global Goddesses, learn about Sacred Space and ritual, review “tools of the trade”, heal our wounds, reclaim our heritage and reinvent our future roles as women in service to the Sacred Feminine. 

(To best view all this info here and more details, please download the soon to be posted pdf to See full COURSE SYLLABUS outline, schedule, facilitators & application form. See orange box above.)

Classes will involve learning through a combination of workshops, lectures and experiential processes facilitated by Amalya (Amy Peck M.A.) and well-known Guest Presenters including potentially Rev. Dr. Karen Tate, Max Dashu, Dr. Linda Savage, Rev. Judith Laxer, and Miranda Rondeau; and will include videos, Power Point slide shows, group discussion, reading/research, journaling, ceremony, and yes, a little bit of homework too!

Topics will include subjects such as: Overview of Goddesses of the World; Wheel of the Year/Sabbats & Elements; Creating Sacred Space & Designing Ceremony; Blood Mysteries & Rites of Passage; Sacred Sexuality; Loss of the Goddess; Finding the wisdom in our wounds; Tools & Crafts of the Priestess and Magic and Manifestation!

You will learn not only “Theaology” of the Goddess and the concept of the Wheel of the Year, but practical skills as well such as designing a ritual, calling in the directions/elements, holding space, crafting altars, how to present yourself as a leader and Priestess, how to sanctify and bless, and methods for manifesting your intent. Plus you will also be introduced to drumming techniques and a few oracular methods. In addition you will enjoy experiential processes involving group meditation, dancing, chanting, and healing art expressions.

This year long program will consist of THIRTEEN 5-hour classes (at least one class per month on a SUNDAY) plus participation in a minimum of four of the eight Sabbat Ceremonies; several short research/class group assignments; and a final presentation. The training culminates with a final initiation as a "Priestess of the Sacred Feminine ~ First Veil".


This year long program will consist of at least 18 Sundays, required meetings in person as follows: 

  • 13 CLASSES: 6 hour classes (One Sunday a month from 9:30-3:30. BYO lunch. We will have a 45min-1hr lunch break.)

  • 4 SABBAT CEREMONIES (also on Sundays): participation in minimum of four of the eight Sabbat Ceremonies (1-2 Sabbats you will co-plan & present).

  • 1 FINAL INITIATION CEREMONY: The training culminates with a final initiation, if you have met course requirements, as a “Priestess of the Sacred Feminine ~ First Veil”.

  • 1 other optional day may be added for possible additional “Ordination” ceremony that would be open to family and friends. See additional discussion in the “Q & A” of the Course Syllabus pdf. (Some additional nominal fees may apply.)


In order to qualify to receive the final Initiation as “Priestess of the Sacred Feminine ~ First Veil” and to receive final certificate of program completion, all these class requirements must be met: including…

1. Full Attendance in person: of at least 11 of the 13 classes, and full attendance to at least 4 of the 8 Sabbats

2. Completion of 2 simple class project contributions: (Book or resource review + a Goddess Gallery page)

3. Co-plan/present 1 or 2* of the Sabbats (*this will depend on the number of students)

4. Final Project of your choosing: something that you will research, or write or create, or offer and then present as a final project in a 15 minute presentation at our last class.

5. Misc homework assignments (various writings/poems/pics of art, etc) will be requested to be posted on our private FB page.

6. Payment in full by Sept 2020 class.

FACILITATORS & Potential Guest Presenters:

(see Course Syllabus pdf

for presenter bios)

Rev. Priestess Amalya:

Rev.Dr. Karen Tate:

   Max Dashu:

Dr. Linda Savage:

Rev. Judith Laxer:

Miranda Rondeau:



Total cost for all 13 instruction classes & Final Initiation is $1200.  (No charge for the eight Sabbat Ceremonies or the Initiation Day. Optional Ordination may have an additional nominal fee.) Note: Meeting all the time requirements including at least 4 Sabbat participations will be equal to a value of about 90 hours of instruction and experience.

Payment due in 3 installments as follows: $400 initial deposit due by December 31, 2019 with the application; + 2nd installment of $400 due by May 2020 class; and final installment of $400 due by the Sept 2020 class.

If you are completely committed to this training and finances are an issue, please contract Amalya to discuss options.

(These fees will be used toward paying guest presenters and course materials.)

**IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE: There are no refunds for missed classes, or for leaving the program.** However, if part or all of the program is cancelled by Amalya due to an emergency situation, Amalya will refund your money for classes left untaught.)

LOCATION: All Classes and Sabbats will be held at the beautiful Goddess Studio in Escondido. (near San Diego, California).  At the moment, there is no "on-line" study course option.


Please see the pdf document of Course Syllabus for more description and dates.  TO BE POSTED SOON FOR 2020.

(Note this is a general outline. Topics, dates & guest presenters are subject to change!)

   I.  Introduction: Remember the Goddess 

  2.  Goddesses & Priestesses of the World

  3.  Wheel of the Year & Seasonal Sabbats

  4.  Honoring the Elements and Directions

  5.  Creating Sacred Space & Designing Ceremony & Conflict Resolution

  6.  Tools & Crafts of the Priestess 

  7.  Sacred Sexuality 

  8.  Blood Mysteries & Rites of Passage

  9.  Loss of the Goddess

10.  Wounds to Wisdoms

11.  Magic & Manifestation & Spells & Frame Drum & Chanting

12.  Considering the Priestess Path

13.  Presentation of Final Projects

14.  Final Initiation Ceremony

15. Optional Ordination Ceremony


 What will You gain from doing this Priestess Training Program?

It is my deepest hope that you will gain knowledge, wisdom, broader perspectives of the nature of spirituality, and most importantly a deeper commitment to your own spiritual path. Ultimately this training is intended to foster self empowerment, self esteem, and a greater acceptance of your own sacredness as a female being so that you can be the role model or leader you aspire to be.

Whether you decide to make an outward commitment to presiding as a Priestess in some manner or other in service to the community; or whether you decide to make an inward commitment to yourself, the objective of this program is to offer you knowledge and tools that support your intentions. If your desire is to design and lead ritual or facilitate women’s circles, or be a “minister” to others in some capacity (be it healer or counselor, artist or activist, mother or daughter etc), then you will gain from this program the practical information and resources, and new Priestess Sister allies to aid you along your path! You will also receive a certificate of course completion and a token of initiation.

I have designed this Priestess Training program to edify you with a broad overview about the ideal of the Sacred Feminine and the legacy of Goddess mythology, as well as to encourage a deeper understanding of your own spiritual path as a woman, and to offer you tools for ritual and personal growth.

There are many paths of spiritual advancement and service, and there are many different Priestess Training programs becoming available today and all are valid and valuable.  I offer this training from a deep desire that has evolved over my twenty years of walking the path of the Sacred Feminine, from my experience of leading hundreds of circles and rituals,  from my love and devotion of the Great Mother, and in fulfillment of my vows as Priestess.

Blessed Be My Sisters, Love Amalya


TESTIMONIALS from previous course graduates

From Denise~

On my First Veil Priestess Path, Amalya passed on her knowledge of the Sacred Feminine. She taught me of Her existence in different cultures all over the world, Her story in history, and Her presence now. In Her many roles as Goddess, priestess, shaman, heroine, etc., She is loving, nurturing, protective and fierce. I learned of nature spirituality, the directions, the elements, sabbats and symbolism. Musical instruments and spiritual tools were introduced. My experience was enriched by presentations from Karen Tate, Max Dashu, Miranda Rondeau, Dr. Linda Savage and Toni Ann Ruehl. Along the way, I received love and knowledge from my fellow priestess sisters; and at the end of the year, was privileged to be ordained by Rev. Priestess Amalya and Rev. Priestess Karen Tate. Amalya has encouraged me with her bright light and wisdom to keep growing spiritually and I am blessed to have her on my Priestess Path. In Love and Light~ Denise

From Sheryl~

This is the type of class you take to help renew your faith in humanity, as you open yourself and share with other women, and you find yourself loved and supported in return.  As a Wiccan for over a decade, some of the material was familiar but a lot was not.  Centering on Goddess Spirituality allows you to explore your relationship with yourself and what it means to be a woman for you.  The guest presenters were wonderful, sharing their lives' work and information that enables you to realize how much we have forgotten about our ancient ways when women were seen as equals to men.  This class will make you angry at the centuries of Goddess worship that's been removed from our history; it will make you cry as you realize how ALL women (and men!) are made to suffer under patriarchy, and it will bring you great joy and peace as you realize you are not alone, there are things you can do to help yourself and others who are suffering, and that you are always loved by the Goddess.

Come Join Us and Unveil Your Priestess!
Please see the COURSE SYLLABUS that will be posted soon
 for all the details
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Slide Show from the 2014-2015 

1st Veil Priestess Training Program at the Goddess Studio... (see below)