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What is the Goddess Studio "Meetup"?

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A little slide show of our 2014 Brigit's Day...

The “Goddess Studio Meetup” is an official group of the international web based networking assistance organization called “Meetup, Inc.”* As an official group, I have paid membership dues ($150 year) to “Meetup” in order to obtain online access to moderate a group.


The intention of the “Goddess Studio Meetup” group is to provide another way for Goddess fans to connect and chat online as well as to create more opportunities to actually meet in person. Also this group is about expanding the community of women who would like to share in any of the other activities offered at The Goddess Studio.

What is the intent for our gatherings?

Our intention for these Meetup gatherings is to empower women, deepen our spirituality, and strengthen our community by sharing about the Sacred Feminine and the mythology of the Goddess.

Since 2011 we've focused on honoring most of the eight sacred seasonal days of the year, called “Sabbats”. (See "Wheel of the Year" image below.)

These gatherings will be educational as well as incorporate ceremony, meditation, dialogue, and sometimes movement and craft making.  We’ll be focused on learning and understanding about the significance of the Sacred Feminine and the many Goddess archetypes throughout history as well as how this understanding can add greater meaning and purpose to our lives now. 

How do I join the
Goddess Studio Meetup?

To join the Goddess Studio MeetUp group on-line, visit:

and click the “join us” button. It’s FREE! You'll just need to submit your email and a password!

(Note: you don’t have to be a member of our online MeetUp group to come to a Goddess Studio MeetUp gathering or any other Goddess Studio event or activity.)

PS) donations are always appreciated to help me defer the dues I pay to MeetUp Inc, but not required! Just come!

Schedule of next Meetups 2019

1.  Sun Feb 3:    Imbolc/Brigit's Day

2.  Sun Mar 24:  Ostara/Spring Equinox

3.  Sun May 5:   Beltane/May Day

4.  Sun June 23:  Litha/Summer Solstice 

5.  Sun Aug 4:   Lammas/1st Harvest

6.  Sun Sept 22:  Mabon/Fall Equinox

7.  Sat night Oct 26: Samhain/Halloween

8.  Sun Dec 15:   Yule/Winter Solstice


A little slide show of our Yule 2013...

Sun May 5, 2019
Beltane / May Day & Potluck
"Fire in My Belly"

Join us for our 3rd MeetUp clan Wheel of the Year Sabbat gathering & POTLUCK for 2019 on Sun May 5.


1) OUR THEME:  "Fire in my Belly"
What lights the fire in your belly? What is your PASSION? What creative energy do you desire to spark & fertilize this season?

2) WHAT WE WILL BE DOING:  Making "Percussion Batons" so we can tap our two sticks together to spark the fire in our bellies and accompany us as we dance around the May pole & the Beltane Fire!...
Beltane celebrations in Celtic times have oft been heralded by the lighting of the Beltane Fires as well as dancing around a May Pole. Fire represents the spark of life and the  passion and power of pro-creation.  And the May Pole is a symbol of the fertile union of the masculine & feminine! This year, we are sparking our inner fertile fire and raising energy with the power of percussion!  Loosely inspired by the Morris Dance traditions of the UK, we will be decorating two dance batons, one symbolic of the God and one for the Goddess and play them in our dances around the May Pole and the Beltane fire!

We will be providing all the basic supplies and the batons (lovingly cut and prepped by Panthera's husband, Johnny) and lots of goodies.

3) THINGS TO EXPECT: sharing lore, DANCING, crafting, ceremony, sisterhood and feasting!

4) BRING FOOD: a potluck dish for dinner! Main course or side salads preferred!

5) WEAR: be colorful and comfy! Wear fire colors, if ya like! Bring hat and sunglasses for outdoor dancing around the May pole!!

6) TIME: 1:45-6:30 pm. Please arrive by 1:45 to give yourself enough time to settle in and take pictures! Circle will start at 2:00. Potluck starts around 5:30. This is a progressive event, please be on time. Also, Gate closes at 2:30.

7) COST: $20-$30 Love offerings are always appreciated to cover craft supply costs! Cash or checks (payable to Amy Peck not Goddess Studio) preferred at the door. Or you can make a $30 love offering with credit card via PayPal at this link:

(You will be re-directed to Amy Peck Productions -Goddess Studio PayPal "purchase details" page. Click continue, and at the "log-in" screen, if you don't have a PayPal account, just click the grey bar "Pay with Debit or Credit card.") Thank you for supporting our sacred service!

8) PLEASE RSVP: THIS EVENT WILL FILL UP! An RSVP is a must to reserve your space and your craft materials! PLEASE rsvp on the MeetUp site OR email Amalya! ( And feel free to invite friends--just let me know their names!

9) LOCATION/GATE/PARKING:  The Goddess Studio of Escondido. RSVP to get address, gate code and parking instructions. 

10) GUIDELINES for sharing in a group: Please acquaint yourself with our Guidelines for sharing in a circle:

Article 1: *In Consideration of Creating SAFE and Sacred Space; and 

Article 2: **Council Sharing:Guidelines for sharing in Circle. Follow links to see both pages posted on the Meetup "Pages" tab.


So sisters, please come and play and learn and share with us at our next MeetUps. And please RSVP. I look forward to seeing you and to meeting new sisters too!

Please RSVP on Meetup, or email me directly -- 

And please continue to feel free to post your great suggestions and feedback. I'm really looking forward to growing our circle and getting further acquainted with each of you.

And as I've mentioned before, feel free to invite a woman friend, you don't have to be an official member of the Goddess Studio MEETUP group to come to any event at the Goddess Studio!

I look forward to receiving your RSVPs!

Until we merry meet!!


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Some pics from 2018 Ostara Sabbat Celebration...