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Schedule of next Meetups 2020
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Our Next  Sabbat  Meeting
Date & Topic will be... 


1.  Sun Feb 2:    Imbolc/Brigit's Day

2.  Sun Mar 22:  Ostara/Spring Equinox (cancelled)*

3.  Sun May 3:   Beltane/May Day  VIRTUAL EVENT!

4.  Sun June 21:  Litha/Summer Solstice is reinstated to be a healing gathering in person, hopefully!

5.  Sun Aug 2:   Lammas/1st Harvest

6.  Sun Sept 20:  Mabon/Fall Equinox (cancelled)*

7.  Sat night Oct 24: Samhain/Halloween

8.  Sun Dec 20:   Yule/Winter Solstice

*Note: For 2020 we are going to create at a gentler pace, so we are skipping every other Sabbat to enjoy a little breather between events!

What is the Goddess Studio Meetup?

The “Goddess Studio Meetup” is an official group of the international web based networking assistance organization called “Meetup, Inc.”* As an official group, I have paid membership dues ($150 year) to “Meetup” in order to obtain online access to moderate a group.


The intention of the “Goddess Studio Meetup” group is to provide another way for Goddess fans to connect and chat online as well as to create more opportunities to actually meet in person. Also this group is about expanding the community of women who would like to share in any of the other activities offered at The Goddess Studio.

What is the intent for our gatherings?

Our intention for these Meetup gatherings is to empower women, deepen our spirituality, and strengthen our community by sharing about the Sacred Feminine and the mythology of the Goddess.

Since 2011 we've focused on honoring most of the eight sacred seasonal days of the year, called “Sabbats”. (See "Wheel of the Year" image above.)

These gatherings will be educational as well as incorporate ceremony, meditation, dialogue, and sometimes movement and craft making.  We’ll be focused on learning and understanding about the significance of the Sacred Feminine and the seasonal and Goddess archetypes throughout history as well as how this understanding can add greater meaning and purpose to our lives now. 

How do I join the
Goddess Studio Meetup?

To join the Goddess Studio MeetUp group on-line, visit:

and click the “join us” button. It’s FREE! You'll just need to submit your email and a password!

(Note: you don’t have to be a member of our online MeetUp group to come to a Goddess Studio MeetUp gathering or any other Goddess Studio event or activity.)

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  • For more about the Goddess Studio Meetup intent, please check out the Meetup "About us" page on the Goddess Studio Meetup Clan site too.

  • And see lots of essays/articles that Amalya and Victoria have posted too on our Meetup "Pages" page! Anyone can view these essays. (NOTE: When you visit this Meetup "Pages" page, you may have to scroll down to see the Table of Contents list for links to the articles.)


A little slide show of our 2014 Brigit's Day...


A little slide show of our Yule 2013...

Sunday, May 3, 2020
VIRTUAL Beltane  2:00-5:00pm on Zoom
"Weaving Unity, Healing & Connection"


With "Social Distancing" still in effect, we have decided to create a FREE VIRTUAL Zoom gathering for our May 3rd event with the intention to weave our energies together and affirm our inter-connectedness and unity. We can still do this in a virtual environment--it will be a new adventure!

Presented by Amalya, Panthera, Sablewolf, Freya, Mandella, Vee, & Lea

Beltane is about fertility and the uniting of opposites to engender a new creation. This Beltane represents the merging of polarities and weaving the fertile power that is created when those energies, intentions and passions are joined in mutual intent. This year brings us extreme polarities of fear & hope; isolation & reconnection, adversity and innovation. By intertwining these dynamic polar forces, we can braid a new root stalk from which we can grow a strong, vigorous new evolution of beingness.

We will set an energetic circle, introduce ourselves and set an intention as well as experience a guided meditation, make a simple symbolic craft & do a group share & prayer.

We are going to make a symbolic “ROOT STALK” by weaving and folding two strips of paper together.

The two strips of paper represent the polarities that we have been experiencing at this time. One strip will be dark paper to symbolize our fears and the other strip will be a lighter paper to symbolize what wisdom or benefits we have discovered.

By intertwining these opposites together we create a new, stronger root stalk from which we can grow and thrive.

~ One long strip of DARK paper: 1” wide by around 24” long (you can staple or tape several strips end to end to make it long.)
~ One long strip LIGHT paper: same dimensions. Please prepare strips ahead of time so that we can fold them together on-line!)
~ Staple or tape
~ Pens (to write on the strips… instructions for what to write will be given in the ceremony)
~ optional stickers, if you have some, to affix to the strips.
~ A notepad to write down some notes

Watch this HOW-TO WEAVE video Sablewolf made to get the idea (on Google Photos)....

YOU MUST REGISTER on ZOOM to get the "JOIN-Link" & Password, so contact Amalya to get the link.

Attendees will be limited to 40.

I encourage you to acquaint yourself with ZOOM and get familiar with using your virtual video equipment and creating and using your own setting/environment that is conducive to being on "TV"!

Zoom is a free app. You might want to create a free account and download it. However, creating an account is not necessary to be a participant. Please check these links for instructions on using Zoom:

• Zoom app home page:
• TIPS for using Zoom by VASI:
• ZOOM SUPPORT VIDEO: How to Join a meeting:

Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

Hope to see you in our Virtual Goddess Studio!

Much love and blessings,


PRESENTED BY: Our special event will be led by Priestesses Amalya, Panthera, & Sablewolf, Freya, Lea, Mandella, and Vee.

This event is for women and maidens over 12.

1) OUR THEME: Honoring the fertile month of May!

More details to be posted soon.


2) WHAT WE WILL BE DOING: details coming soon!

3) BRING: a potluck dish for dinner. Main courses or side salads preferred.

4) THINGS TO EXPECT: Sharing lore, meditation, ceremony, sisterhood and feasting!

5) WEAR: Be colorful & comfy!

6) TIME: 1:45 - 6:30 pm. Please arrive by 1:30 to give yourself enough time to settle in and take pictures! Circle will start at 2:00. This is a progressive event, please be on time. Also, Gate closes at 2:30, see (9) below.

*7) COST: $30. Thank you for supporting our sacred events!

*IMPORTANT POLICY UPDATE NOTICE as of 6/6/19: Due to changing circumstances, we are humbly having to ask for a regular contribution of $30 for our Sabbat events. We want to continue to offer unique and creative celebrations enhanced with beautiful materials and props as well as be able to offer a little compensation to the presenting priestesses who work so hard. But we have barely been able to cover our costs. The reasons are twofold: even though the events are well attended, not everyone is making a contribution; and most significantly we are having a lot of no-shows which results in over buying supplies.  


Please support these sacred events by making a contribution of $30, if at all possible*. You can support these events financially and energetically by making a payment in advance, via the PayPal link below or by remembering to make your contribution at the door: Cash, or checks (payable to Amy Peck not Goddess Studio) are preferred, but we can also take credit card.


*If you really want to come and can't make a $30 contribution, please contact Amalya directly in advance for other options. Also, on the other hand, if you'd like to donate additional funds for a scholarship for another goddess, please contact Amalya as well.


$30 PayPal link for Sabbat Love Offering:

You don't need to set up a PayPal account, just sign in as a Guest.


(You will be re-directed to Amy Peck Productions -Goddess Studio PayPal "purchase details" page. Click continue, and at the "log-in" screen, if you don't have a PayPal account, just click the grey bar "Pay with Debit or Credit card" to sign in as guest.)


CANCELLATION POLICY if you have pre-paid, you will be refunded if you notify Amalya 24 hrs prior to the event. (No refunds for no-shows. Payments can not be transferred to another event. Thank you for your understanding.)


IMPORTANT: PLEASE RSVP "Yes" if you can commit to coming! An RSVP is a must to reserve your space and most importantly to secure your craft materials! PLEASE rsvp on the MeetUp site OR email Amalya! (


Your RSVP is taken very seriously. These events mean alot to us and we devote significant time, energy and money to producing these high quality and meaningful gatherings eight times a year. Unfortunately, due to the rising number of people who RSVP "yes" and then don't show, we have been overbuying supplies and not able to cover our costs. "No shows" are very hard on us, not only financially, but emotionally and energetically as well. If you cannot come after you have rsvp'd "yes", then please simply change your rsvp to "NO" as soon as possible.   Also, if you are bringing a guest, please let us know their names too! Thank you for honoring your commitment with integrity, your Goddess Mamas really appreciate it.

9) LOCATION/GATE/PARKING:  The Goddess Studio of Escondido.  PLEASE RSVP to get address, gate code and parking instructions!

10) GUIDELINES for sharing in a group: Please acquaint yourself with our Guidelines for sharing in a circle:

Article 1: *In Consideration of Creating SAFE and Sacred Space; and 

Article 2: **Council Sharing:Guidelines for sharing in Circle. Follow links to see both pages posted on the Meetup "Pages" tab.


So sisters, please come and play and learn and share with us at our next MeetUps. And please RSVP. I look forward to seeing you and to meeting new sisters too!

Please RSVP on Meetup, or email me directly -- 

And please continue to feel free to post your great suggestions and feedback. I'm really looking forward to growing our circle and getting further acquainted with each of you.

And as I've mentioned before, feel free to invite a woman friend, (just let me know their names) and you don't have to be an official member of the Goddess Studio MEETUP group to come to any event at the Goddess Studio!

I look forward to receiving your RSVPs!

Until we merry meet!!



Some scenes from 2019 Beltane celebration...