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with Path Illuminator,

Vasi Huntalas!

Creating from Your Authentic Self

a half-day retreat of intuitive painting, play and sacred community

Sat, Aug 27th 2016

9:45 am - 2:30 pm

Join us for an Art Playshop… 

and connect with your inner wisdom!

What does your heart and soul want to create and give to the world? 

 And how do you lead your life in a way that honors your needs and others? 

 Each of us are powerful creators. Yet demands on our time and energy can leave us feeling overwhelmed, unmotivated, and drained. And we often don’t give ourselves permission to take a break from our left brain lives of routines, planning, and responsibilities. 

 Come nourish your creative spirit and learn how to use intuitive painting to connect with your authentic self!

An intuitive

art process 
opens the door 
to YOUR soul


This half-day retreat at the Goddess Studio will help you:
* Move beyond your inner critic to release self-doubt and judgment

* Free the vibrant vision that lives within your heart

* Tap into your inner knowing to receive guidance on a current challenge  

* Nourish your body, mind, and soul in an inspiring, safe, and 

sacred place 

* Learn tools to take home and regain control of your time and energy

* Explore and expand your intuitive gifts within a supportive group

The Art Playshop includes:

  • Art Materials, including your own canvas to take home 
  •  Guided visualizations 
  •  Journaling and other intuitive exercises 
  •  Painting in the awe-inspiring Goddess Studio and grounds
  •  Collaborative painting activity (optional but so fun you’ll want to try it!)

Just bring an open heart and mind to get the most

from this Playshop!

No prior experience with art is required. (In fact, people who think they aren’t creative often have the most powerful experiences with these processes.)

This Art Playshop starts with a simple meditation to quiet the inner critic. Then, you’ll be guided through an art process with paints and encouraged to play at your own pace. Vasi will facilitate you into your own intuitive guidance. Bring a challenge or question, and really dive into Art Playshop!

Location: The Goddess Studio of Escondido (address and directions sent after registration.) For more about the Studio, please visit

Cost:  $66 by Aug 1st or $75 after

Register with VASI at:

For questions about the program or registration, contact Vasi at

For questions about The Goddess Studio,

contact Amalya at



As a young girl, Vasi found art was a gateway to her soul. As an adult, she put away her paints and other art materials thinking she wasn't good enough and didn't have time. After many years, she rediscovered art as a way to reconnect with her soul wisdom and has been guiding people ever since in using creativity to access their inner truth.

Vasi Huntalas is the founder of Bright Path Transitions. As a Professional Intuitive Coach and “Path Illuminator,” she guides people in accessing their inner wisdom and creativity as they walk their life and career paths. Over the past 15 years, she’s led workshops for hundreds of people, including mid-career reinventers, entrepreneurs in business, creative and healing professions, and leaders/teams in nonprofit and corporate organizations. 

Visit her site for more about Vasi:


Pics from our first April 11th  playshop...


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Pics from Sept 27, 2015 Art Playshop: