LINKS: Amalya's Favorite Links and Resources

WEAVING-THE-WEB! ...For your continued edification and networking enjoyment, here is a compilation of my favorite links to fabulous, multi-talented women (most of whom have presented here) plus events and places (real & virtual!) that I am acquainted with! ~

NOTE: There are a lot of links here, so I suggest you click on a "Category" that may interest you to jump to that location!  ~  Then click on the thumbnail of the site to go to that page.  ~  (Note for the links to a person's extra sites embedded in the description box, you will have to copy and paste those urls into your browser.)

If you have a website (not Facebook) that relates to the Goddess, the Sacred Feminine, Women's Empowerment or Belly Dance and would like me to add your website link here, please contact me and I will do my best to post it!  This page is forever a work in progress, (I have tons of links yet to add, so keep checking back for new posts!)

RECIPROCAL LINKING: And if you have a links page on your site and would be so kind as to offer me a reciprocal link, I would be so honored and most grateful! (feel free to copy and paste this info ~ site features events of the Goddess Studio, Escondido, CA, USA; + the visionary, photo-digital Glorious Goddess Portraits & art by Amalya. The Goddess Studio is dedicated to the Sacred Feminine and to empowering women through ceremonies, retreats, belly dance classes and workshops.)  

Blessed be!

  • These amazing women offer so many different and diverse gifts to the world that they fit into too many categories below! So I'm listing them here!

  • Non-profit organizations, foundations or other businesses that support and benefit women

  • Sacred Gatherings for women for ceremony and other spiritually empowering activities